Monday, July 16, 2007

Lace Yourself

Last winter a friend of mine spent the most of a month gushing over a pair of shoe boots that she had spotted in New Look. I was sceptical of them being a favoured trend, and indeed I was right, for shoe boots didn't exactly take off. She never actually bought the pair in question, but this winter if her love of the shoe boot rekindles, I will be the first to tell her to run out and buy a pair.

Chunky Topshop lace-up shoe boot, £50

Shoe boot $34 Delia's
The shoe boot was quite a fixture on the a/w '07 runway. Seen at Burberry Prorsum, Diane Von Furstenburg and Versace, to name a few; the shoe boot is surely the preferred footwear of the season. According to the August edition of British Vogue 'Lace-ups (as they refer to them) can go two ways; cool and chunky or smart and sophisticated." That is certainly the beauty of the shoe boot. It is both very street, in a cool, edgy, fashion forward way and is at the same time elegant and feminine, as it can be worn with skirts or dresses, just as much as dark-washed skinnys.

Diane Von Furstenburg shoe boot screams 'Look at me', in loud and proud yellow

Shoe boot at Burberry, bang on trend in glistening silver metallic


penelope said...

haha found yr blog and realised tt u're new at this blogging business too- lyk me!

i love love d yellow boots and d silver burberry one!!!

but, i jus hope tt i'm gna haf enuf confidence to pull it off!!

(hey, why dont u suggest a few ways to pull of tt look, perhaps for d remaining of summer and the coming autumn mths? tt wud be awesome!!)


Ana said...

hmm most call them high heeled oxfords. but anyones i love the trend. and im lusting after a pair of Seychelles mettallic gold ones.

satin pump said...

i have just discovered your blog!
i really love it!!

the silver burberry are simply great!!!


penelope said...

haha, thank you thank you!!
now, i guess i REALLY need yr help.(and others too)

take a look at my newest post and u'll know.

u too, keep of d great wrk!!!
gna link u!!

Kira Fashion said...

i love shoe boots and ankle boots too!

awsome style !!!

Your blog is amazing!
i love that mixed with fashion in past and fashion now!

so cool

a kiss


lluviaschick said...

I love tha bright colour tights, they are going to be a must-have in my closet next summer, actually i have already two pairs in pink and blue-grey

donna AND navaz said...

I hated them last year, but this year they're growing on me. (I'm allowed to change my mind, right?)


WendyB said...

The yellow boots are awesome.

Anonymous said...

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