Monday, July 16, 2007

Hosiery, no longer just a necessity

We thought they would never return, that they were buried in the wasteland of 80's fashion along with shoulder pads and side - ponytails, and yet within a year they are back and bigger then ever before. Yes, dear fashionistas, I speak of the legging. Leggings are now as much as wardrobe staple as denim jeans. Presumably because leggings seem to call out 'Buy me, Buy me', to each and everyone of us; from the 'out - there' fashion daredevil to the polished princess, to the fashion - flawless, trend - conscious diva to the regular 'tries trends when they are everywhere' sorta girl.

Leggings. Every fashionista's staple?

As a lover of 80's fashion, someone who is always fighting 80's fashion's corner, I champion leggings! I think they can be fashionable, a little bit different, edgy, funky and young, all in one; but that is however, when they are worn correctly. In times of fashion mishap, leggings can be the ultimate in fashion disaster and unfortunately tend to scream 'Fashion Victim' more often then 'Fashion Queen'! To slow down the rate of fashion atrocities then, I think it important to embrace the new trend - Block colour tights.

Brilliant azure blue at Balenciaga a/w '07

Black tights were established as the 'Must Have' in hosiery, last winter, what with the influx of 60's fashions. And yes, they are still very much desirable but the brightly coloured tight, is the last word in hosiery fashion this a/w. Indeed, hosiery is making itself known in the world of fashion. Once upon a time, hosiery was just a necessity; nowadays it can either make or break your outfit. My current favourite, although I'm not sure if they fit into the bright - coloured - tights category; but needless to say, I'm coveting pristine, white tights.

Ice white at Moschino Cheap and Chic

I have noticed as well as rainbow tights, as seen at Valentino, Moschino Cheap and Chic and Balenciaga, that knee high socks are returning too, along with thick wool tights, that were spotted at John Galliano. The bright colour here is optional but I prefer them in muted tones of mushroom and pewter. For the really bold, perhaps the 'out - there' fashion daredevil, that I mentioned in paragraph one, take cue from the Givency Haute Couture runway and make this rather striking statement!

A leopard never changes his spots, Givency Haute Couture a/w '07

Thick wool at Galliano a/w '07


la petite fashionista said...

oo great post on leggings/tights! i love the block color tights for fall. definitely updates an otherwise classic look.

Ana said...

agreed. leggings are a staple just as skinny jeans have become. and you are very right that they can be worn incorrectly (denim mini and abercrombie logo tee...ugh)but can also finish an outfit perfectly

Katie said...

Thanks. And I absolutely love the block color tights for fall. And I will definitely put you in my links C:

LML said...

white tights are on my fall fashion to get list! it would give skirts and dresses a whole babydoll/60's feel to them :)

penelope said...

omg!! thanks for much for yr help!!! block colored tights?!! woohoo, gna be starting a trend back home!! haha,

i've always worn footless tights but lately i have an obsession wif full black tights!!!

cant wait to put them on whn i go ovrseas!! (it's always rain and sun in s'pore)

loved yr post!!
balenciaga's blue tights are refreshing!!! not sure i'd wear dem, though=p

London Fashion Girl said...

Love the block coloured tights but esp want some white ones.
Great post!

Kira Fashion said...

you are so right! Leggings say that: buy me! hehehe
Because they are so fashion, cheap and confortable!

a kiss


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i am in love with the look of bright tights for fall!
great blog by the way
i'm going to link you if you don't mind

donna AND navaz said...

That Givenchy outfit is crazy...but cool

Anonymous said...