Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trend Forecast

According to the August edition of British Elle magazine, the major trends for autumn/winter '07 will be as follows -
  • Waist Definition
  • Over - the -top dressing up
  • Texture
  • Modern Minimalism
  • The 1940's
  • Block Colour
  • Dominatrix extremities
  • Nu-tec - Complex, out of this world style
  • Boho - tec - Clashing hippy bohemian with new age technology
  • Volume

My initial reaction to this trend forecasting was not exactly excitement. However, after accessing them over time, I came to the conclusion that in fact, as they are quite an interesting combination of shapes and styles, they will deliver a striking and dynamic choice for our autumn/winter wardrobe. That is all but the vulgarity of dominatrix chic........

Waist Definition, has been around for quite a while now and is a very popular style. In my opinion, it is always a good thing to define the feminine shape. I love how belts can instantly add an extra element to an outfit and can be both extremely ladylike and edgy, at the same time.

Dressing up as seen especially at Dior is definitely a good trend in time for Christmas! We can now over indulge in embellishments and flounces throughout the party season, without feeling as though we've stepped out of costume hire.

Dior by John Galliano a/w '07

Texture, hmmm, I do love my embellishments but good quality fabric and contrasting textures is a fundamental fashion must.

The Modern way is not exactly my cup of tea unless it's 60's space age modernism. This style is a 'cleansing of the palette' according to Elle and is a return to the late 90's approach to clean, classic, wearable clothes.

1940's - Hurrah! I love focusing in on an era and channelling the style of that decade's fashion icons. I'll definitely be purchasing scarlet lipstick, clutch bags, and nipping in the waist. Oh and if you can, make sure to get the Veronica Lake Peek-a-boo hairstyle. Instant sophistication.

Gucci a/w '07 goes 1940's

Block Colour as seen at Stella McCartney is fabulous! It's effortlessly stylish, suitable for almost any age group and is a fun approach to fashion. Invest in coloured tights now.

Dominatrix/S&M, no comment.

Nu-tec/ Boho-tec - I prefer Boho-tec but they are both interesting and novel approach to fashion. Nu-tec is uber modern, beyond cutting edge (I think Primark will have trouble copying that style!). Boho-tec as seen at Balenciaga, is according to Elle " a hippy boho look with techie details such as plastic heeled sports boots." It's an unique look and I love how it's all about contrast and clashing.

Volume is quickly becoming the silhouette of the noughties. Body conscious can come and go but volume is here to stay.

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StyleDiva said...

I love this list! I'll probably be trying all of it this fall!!